Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nagios - Missing statusmap.cgi

The Nagios installation can go really smoothly but sometimes statusmap.cgi is not compiled and the error doesn't really come up during the make. And that's why we'll found out only when the system is up and running but this nice little feauture is missing getting to this error:

Not Found
The requested URL /nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi was not found on this server

This is often caused by the missing gd libraries, so if you experience this error be sure to perform the following commands (tested on Centos, should work for Redhat as well):

[root@localhost]# yum install gd
yum install gd-devel

Then go in your nagios source folder and lauch the following:

[root@localhost]# ./configure

[root@localhost]# make

[root@localhost]# make-cgis

[root@localhost]# make install-cgis

This should fix very well this kind of problem. If you still experience problems with your nagios application please refer the following guide (imho one of the best around):


  1. Thanks for your post.. it really help me to resolve the same issue....

  2. Still relevant! it worked for me with Puppy Linux and Nagios
    (slackware based version) Just got the gd package and installed it and followed your instructions.

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  4. Espero esto ayude, aqui encontre la solucion para
    Not FoundThe requested URL /nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi en ubuntu

    libpng con => apt-get install libpng3
    libpng-dev => apt-get install libpng3-dev
    libpjpeg => apt-get install libjpeg62
    libpjpeg-dev => apt-get install libjpeg62-dev

    en el directorio donde quedo el tar de nagios ejecute:
    =>make clean
    =>./configure --prefix=/usr/local/nagios --with-cgiurl=/nagios/cgi-bin --with-htmurl=/nagios --with-nagios-user=nagios --with-nagios-group=nagios --with-command-group=nagios
    =>make all
    =>make install


    Saludos, Fabio.